It has been a while since I have had the chance to write a full movie review. Most of my posts all over the interwebs have been micro-views of which movies I love, loathe and recommend. I Tweet, Pinterest, InstagramFacebook and Wordpress mostly. In that order.  Do not be jealous, you know it is my day job!

So, before I jet off to Londres this evening, I thought I would do a mini top list of movies that I have really enjoyed in the last six months.  Call it my ‘Spank-You-Very-Much’ list of movies to see, if you have not already had the pleasure of having your eyeballs feast them already.  Greedy minx!

5)  Horrible Bosses (mood: humorous, sexy, witty and silly)

4)  Shame (mood: thought provoking, bleak, stylised and sexual)

3) A Dangerous Method (mood: clever, though provoking, mind bending, rough)

2) The Avengers (mood: captivating, exciting, suspenseful, epic)

1) Crazy Stupid Love (mood: bittersweet, feel good, uplifting, clever)

These five movies are a great genre mix ranging from 2011 to 2012 release dates, and you could easily watch them in one weekend.  Especially now during winter (in South Africa anyway… you would swear Africa does not get cold but it does in Johannesburg, flipstix!)

Horrible Bosses. Why do I love this movie so much?  Firstly, I have watched it twice. Once at the cinema and then again at work. You must know why!  Jennifer Aniston’s nymphomaniac character Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. has lines like ” Well Shabbat Shalom, somebody’s circumcised! ” to “Just relax there, Jodie Foster. Your d!ck wasn’t even hard.”  It is shockingly hilarious to hear the profanity spew forth from the American Sweetheart’s slutty little mouth.  It is the filth you wish you could get away with saying in real life.  Not safe for the office obviously.  Or family dinner table conversation. But hey, I don’t judge.  More memorable quotes include: “You can’t win a marathon without putting some band aids on your nipples” and “Rape. Raper. This is what raping is. You’re a raper. RAPE” and "I feel like I’m going to die. But I also feel really good" and “"Trim the fat. Fire the fatties."  You can check out IMDB for more, if you must.  

Shame was intense.  Not just a little bit of pressure-oh-my-fuzz-what-is-this intense.  It was uncomfortably intense. You want to look away.  But Michael Fassbender is just so magnetic, the story is so captivating and you feel a little guilty prying into Brandon's personal life like that.  I would recommend watching this one at home in the safety of your home and security of your couch.  Do not watch it alone unless you want to feel sexually traumatised afterwards.  I watched it on the big screen with my good friend John and he had to have whiskey afterwards to bring himself towards himself again.  I just needed a hug!  It is the type of movie that leaves you with all sorts of deep, dark questions about the human condition.  Are we all just animals after all?  I certainly had to read up a few reviews to wrap my head around the movie, especially being the curious mind that I am.  I found this review from the New York Times, this one from Psychology Today and this one too from The New Inquiry.  Worth reading if you want more depth.  Over all if you enjoy beautiful cinematography and you like the gritty of Steve McQueen as a director and you love New York City and you do not mind the darker side of life drama, then do it.  There is no fluffly-bunny-and-kittens in this movie, you have been warned!

A Dangerous Method is a very niche period drama based on the true life encounter between the grand daddy of Psychology, Sigmund Freud and his arch-rival Carl Jung.  As a Psychology student, how could I not love it?  Keira Knightly is a real gem cast as the incredibly complex and lesser known Sabina Spielrein.  Viggo Mortenson (better known for his role as Aragon in The Lord of the Rings even though he has done other incredible dramatic work before and after) and Michael Fassbender (yeah he is totally competing for my attention against dreamy Ryan Gosling) are flawless in their portrayals of the men who invented and experimented with Psychoanalysis.  This movie is not a great classic and will not be on my list of top 100 movies of all time.  But if you enjoy a good biographic drama, fantastic acting, strong directing from David Croneberg and let’s face it, Psychology, I would recommend this for a Sunday afternoon on the couch.  You might learn a thing or two about the evils of Psychoanalysis (insert roaring laughter from my fellow psychology students here!)

The Avengers!!! So much of HELLS-YEAH is packed into this movie!!!  It is a smash-a-blockbuster-in-your-face movie!!!  So much so that it is deserving of three exclamation marks three times in a row.  Robert Downey Jr. can impregnate me any time.  The man is a legend.  If you read this blog then you know how much I love him.  Two posts spring to mind: Sherlock Holmes 2 and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. But besides the talent in this movie, the special effects are EPIC.  So epic that I posted the trailer above for those of you living under a rock that have not yet experienced the fireworks this movie brings to your life.  Just watch it.  You will not be sorry.  It is everything an action movie is supposed to be.  How many superheros can you even have in one movie anyway?  Not enough, clearly! If you have already watched this amazeballer movie, click here for a little spoof. P.S. I also totes loved Batman’s cameo in the spoof *SuperheroHi5s*

And then my favourite feel good movie of 2011 is… dum dum dum dummmmm: Crazy Stupid Love. Obviously.  Who does not love Ryan Gosling?  Only the haters.  The man can do no wrong.  He is by far THE MAN when it comes to the big screen.  I have written too many posts about him to mention right now for fear that you will think I am cray. The man completes me. Who makes phenomenal movies consistently?  Drive. The Ides of March. Crazy Stupid Love. All Good Things. Blue Valentine. Lars and The Real Girl. Half Nelson. Fracture. Stay. The Notebook. I know his movies off by heart - I do not even need to look at IMDB to see his cinematic history.  Etched in my heart… okay, I digress…  Ryan Gosling and his glorious abs are not the only attraction in this rom-com.  The extraordinary ensemble cast consists of the king of awkward comedy, Steve Carell, goddess actress Julianne Moore and rising star Emma Stone.  It is the type of movie that makes you believe in love and all the impossibilities that life throws your way.  I give this movie 5 thumbzookas Borat style.  You can watch it with every one you know, from your gran to your creepy next door neighbour if you like.  (People who no longer believe in love and do not like to laugh, well, I do not know any of them).  So for me this is a movie for every person on planet earth. Iz niiiiice!



Nine years ago if you had asked me I would produce a live web stream of Breakin’ Convention, well actually of anything, I would have laughed. But here I am in 2012 about to do just that!

Arts Council England have partnered with the BBC and invested £3.5 million pounds to create The Space. The…

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Please join me over at Pinterest.  I am having fun there now. Click Click.

Please join me over at Pinterest. I am having fun there now. Click Click.

Born to serve. Fuzzsticks. This is GREAT!

Robert Downey Jr. is by far my favourite actor. He is flawless in his role as Tito. Raw. Visceral.This movie is so uncomfortably honest!

Rosario Dawson, Channing Tatum and Shia LaBeouf bring out their acting chops too. Surprised that I’ve come across A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints only now.

It isn’t easy to watch.  But next time any one says, “I’m keeping it real” or “I got my attitude from the streets” - I’ll be all up like, “oh yeah? Like Tito from A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints? Yeah, didn’t think so…” 

Set in New York in 1986.  Based on a true story.  Directed and written by Dito Montiel who also wrote the memoir.

And my surprise movie of the week is 'True Legend'. Epic story. Insane martial arts. I know all the BBoys and BGirls out there will appreciate the ‘Drunken Fist’ part of the story.  Air Flares, Windmills, 1990’s > you name it they do it!

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